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  PT . Lancar Prima is a company work on Trucking Transportation Services, EMKL services for the entire territory of Indonesia.

 With Our fleet owned by PT. Lancar Prima now is ready to provide service delivery to meet customer needs. Customer satisfaction is the main thing being the commitment of the company that is always enhanced by the support of the management team and solid operational and responsive to the demands of the times.

 Fast, safe and secure is Our Motto of PT. Lancar Prima in providing services to customers. Providing security to the customer, that the delivered goods can be properly maintained, has guaranteed the goods delivered can be arrived at the destination with precision and in a good condition and can be a reliable partner by customers.

 PT. Lancar Prima has 2 subsidiaries , namely :

  PT. Lancar Prima

  Internasional Air & Sea Freight Forwarding,
  Import Clearance & Export Handling,
  PPJK Services,

  PJPT Services ( Import Clearance, PBM, Trucklosing ),

  MVOCC 20" HC Jakarta – PortKlang & Pasir Gudang.

   PT. Lancar Transport

  Trucking Transportation Services on Jabodetabek,
  EMKL Door to Door services for the entire territory of Indonesia. Such as : Belawan, Palembang, Batam, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Bitung, etc.




 Provide One Stop Trucking Services, EMKL , Freight Forwarding , Warehousing , and Logistics , Container Handling Management .
Being the one of the Company reliable transport services with a delivery system that is fast , safe and secure in the whole island of Indonesia and outside Indonesia Island .



Gives excess Services Transport & Logistics , for any businessperson fast, accurate , reliable, and Cost Efficient . Running
customers confidence in the delivery process ,
Increase the professionalism of human resources , especially in the Sales Support Team , Monitoring Cargo and Trucking Fleet . Implement
delivery with excellent service .




Loyalty to the Company, including goals, values - values , and goals of the company, which is realized with the active involvement , willingness to Work Hard and Responsible for the success and sustainability of the Company .

Integrity Consistent

implement policies, rules , regulations, and agreements to uphold truth and justice in achieving the Vision and Mission .


The ability and willingness to create new ideas and implement new and better way to solve problems and improve the quality of business opportunities in order to increase the value of the Company.


Carry out work activities to meet the high standards berbekalkan high expertise and competence appropriate field of duty , strong motivation , as well as high confidence in return receive remuneration based on performance.



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